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Because good 

engineering matters.



Striving for better control systems

Filling the gaps in your team

Every team is different. Our job is to provide whatever resources you are missing to achieve your system goals, whether that means applying our skills across full end-to-end service agreements or simply providing specialist assistance as needed.

We are a team of control system engineers who believe that the work we do is important. Whether you are in utilities, manufacturing or mining, we believe that control system improvements are often the 'low hanging fruit' that can make significant improvements to how your business performs.


Supporting Success

The ultimate success of any control system is driven by the people who utilise it. We could deliver a beautiful, state-of-the-art, integrated SCADA and control system, but if our end-users are not enabled to use it to help transform their business operations then they won't be getting the value out of it.


This is why we specialise in delivering our services collaboratively with our customers. Working closely throughout the whole process. Ensuring that the end result truly meets the all-important business and human needs.


Systems Engineering


Expert Advice



Support & Training

Business Systems


Field Services



Selecting a good hardware and software platform is an excellent start, but it is just the beginning. So much can be won or lost in the system integration and engineering process.


We'd like the opportunity to show you the difference that good engineering makes.

Engineering Matters

Our Expertise

We are engineers - compulsive problem solvers and improvers. A bit like inventors and designers, but a lot more methodical, pragmatic and practical. We aim for reliability and simplicity, We deliver fit-for-purpose, best practice solutions. Fast. We don't start with a blank sheet of paper. We build on the collective experience of our diverse and ever-growing brains trust of networks and prior experience.

To work with us is to gain access to the cumulative effort and wealth of experience of our resource network of customers, industries, engineers, partners, and suppliers.

In House Expertise

Our carefully selected engineering team has come together from diverse backgrounds and industries. Together we represent decades of engineering expertise.

Collaborative Expertise

Special partnerships with complementary companies. Typically specialist SAAS offerings that interface with SCADA systems to improve the value and integration of our core services.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

We love facilitating customer-to-customer collaboration. Building on peer solutions is one of the best ways to cost-effectively raise the bar across the industry.

Vendor Partnerships

We have vendor partnerships with the major suppliers of hardware and software to provide higher levels of development, support, and road-map information.

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ABN 54 606 656 884
Phone: 1300 SGA 247 (1300 742 247)
Copyright ©2020 SAFEgroup Automation Australia
ABN 54 606 656 884
Phone: 1300 SGA 247 (1300 742 247)
Copyright ©2020 SAFEgroup Automation 
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ABN 54 606 656 884
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