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water quality monitoring system

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​What is the Clamnet®?

The Clamnet® is an integrated water quality system designed for portable water distribution monitoring, with logging water quality measurements being its primary function.

There are also interface options available to retrieve data from the unit via a Bluetooth interface. The CAT M1 NB IoT Modem transmits data to the Clamnet® Portal for data visualisation.

Applications and Benefits

Chlorine decay monitoring.

Network investigations lift and shift.

Critical control point monitoring.

Monochloramine monitoring.

Remote site monitoring. 

Ideal for sites with no power.

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Partnering with complementary solutions

Clamnet Series

SAFEgroup Automation are official Australian distributors of the Salamander Group's Clamnet® system of sensors. Discover the series of sensors that can be used in conjunction with the Clamnet® system.

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Remote water quality devices

The Clamnet® is an integrated water quality system designed for portable water distribution monitoring.

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Remote water quality sensors

The Chloroclam® is a water-quality monitor that continually monitors and reports chlorine residual data from the water distribution network.

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Remote water quality sensors

​The Hydraclam® is used to continually monitor and report turbidity, conductivity, temperature and pressure data.

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