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More than just great engineering

We are not a product company. That's a good thing - it keeps the focus squarely on unbiased engineering services. 


However, our engineering services should not be measured simply as labour services. As good as our individual engineers are, their true strength lies in the expertise of the wider network - the cumulative effort and wealth of experience of many customers, industries and engineers.

Included below is just a subset of the resource expertise that we bring to the table.

SAFEgroup Automation WaterOutlook

Water Outlook

Cloud based SAAS data hub to connect all of your data sources.

SAFEgroup Automation cyber-security button on computer keyboard

SCADA Cyber-security

Security Reviews, Audits and expert advice from SCADA cybersecurity certified engineers.

SAFEgroup Automation Electrical Panel Designs

Electrical Panel Designs

Standard control equipment electrical panel designs

SAFEgroup Automation Schneider Electric ClearScada Logo

Advanced ClearSCADA

Industry leading ClearSCADA templates including ClearSCADA based dashboards, reports and management systems.

SAFEgroup Automation laptop showing analytical dashboards and reports

Dashboards and Reports

Standard operational and SCADA data reporting in ClearSCADA, Excel, Crystal Reports & Power BI

SAFEgroup Automation standards functions library

Standard Functions Library

Tried and tested functions across a range of PLC, RTU and SCADA platforms

SAFEgroup Automation XLDirect spreadsheet


SCADA data directly linked to your spreadsheets

SAFEgroup Automation Custom Drivers and Interfaces

Custom Drivers and Interfaces

Connecting devices & systems

SAFEgroup Automation Alarm Analysis Tools

Alarm Analysis Tools

SCADA Alarm Analysis Tools for both ClearSCADA and Citect

SAFEgroup Automation Data Analytics and Historians

Historian Expertise

Certified system architects and support. Node Interfacing, reports

SAFEgroup Automation compute keyboard button

Auto Generation Tools

In-house tools for rapid ACCURATE code and SCADA development

SAFEgroup Automation History Transfer Tools

History Transfer Tools

Backfilling your SCADA history into historians, data warehouses and SCADA systems

SAFEgroup Automation DNP3 letters on a gradient background

Telemetry Expertise

Unrivaled Expertise in Telemetry and DNP3

SAFEgroup Automation Schneider Electric Master Integrator Logo

Schneider Master

For highest level expertise in Plantstruxure, Telemetry & Cybersecurity

SAFEgroup Automation SCADA Health Audits

SCADA Health Audits

Security Reviews, Audits and expert advice from SCADA cybersecurity certified engineers.