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Chloroclam® - Monitoring chlorine in water networks

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Example of the Clamnet® Unit. Displaying the Controller and sensors on a blue backboard
Example of the Chloroclam® Unit

The original Chloroclam® has been revised to allow for easier servicing. Battery changes, chlorine sensor servicing and calibration can now all be undertaken by the end-user. It retains the industry standard, reliable and high accuracy chlorine sensor.

The Clamnet® App is also now available on the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore and has been enhanced for greater control of the Chloroclam® via Bluetooth connection.

The low power consumption allows uninterrupted remote operation between the annual sensor service intervals. The bidirectional communications enable firmware upgrades, configuration changes and remote diagnostics as well as routine data uploads to the Clamnet® Portal and instant alarming.

Clamnet® Portal:

Data from the Chloroclam is stored and viewed on the very secure Clamnet® Portal. With flexible device management and visualisation tools, the portal can manage large Clam fleets. Data can also be exported as CSV files or via our API for incorporating incorporate SCADA systems.

Key Features:

  • Access the water via hydrant point enabling rapid deployment and recovery.

  • Bi-directional 4G cellular communications for remote configuration, data upload and alarming.

  • Bluetooth mobile app for local set up, control and data collection.

  • New design allowing user servicing and calibration.

  • High accuracy industry-standard membrane sensor.

  • Submersible robust IP68 enclosure.

  • Powerful Client Portal data management and visualisation.

  • External connections for flow meters and other water quality sensors.

  • A cornerstone for water quality Smart Networks.

  • Being used by charitable aid organisations in many parts of the world to help ensure drinking water is safe.

Technical Specifications:

screenshot of the Chloroclams technical specifications

If Chloroclam® is a solution that you're interested in, please contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book an online product demonstration to experience first-hand the benefits of the Chloroclam®.

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