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Onsite Versatility With Portable Water Quality Monitoring System

Clamnet® - Battery Powered Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring System:

The Clamnet® is an integrated water quality system designed for portable water distribution monitoring, with logging water quality measurements being its primary function.

Example of the Clamnet® Unit. Displaying the Controller and sensors on a blue backboard
Example of the Clamnet® Unit

There are also interface options available to retrieve data from the unit via a Bluetooth interface. The CAT M1 NB IoT Modem transmits data to the Clamnet® Portal for data visualisation.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Chlorine decay monitoring.

  • Critical control point monitoring.

  • Remote site monitoring.

  • Network investigations lift and shift.

  • Monochloramine monitoring.

  • Ideal for sites with no power.

  • Customer can change batteries and service the sensors.


The Clamnet® RTU controller communicates with sensor nodes using the Modbus protocol. Each measuring node is a complete sensor and Modbus transmitter with the submersible multi-pin connector on the back. If only one sensor is used, that sensor is connected directly to the controller. If more than one sensor is used then sensors plug into a multi-sensor bus bar, which is then connected to the controller. Systems with more than 5 sensors require 2 bus bars. Bus bar connectors that are not used are protected by push-on vinyl protective caps.

M-Nodes are installed in modular flow chambers, secured with twist-lock pins on the front of the node. Each node requires one chamber and the chambers clamp together with locking rings on each end. Push-to-connect fittings are installed on each end but the end fittings contain 1/8” NPT female threads to accommodate other fittings. The outlet side of the flow assembly will normally contain a fixed-flow regulator to maintain a constant flow of 200 ml/min. when sample line pressure is 100 PSI (.07-6.6 bar). Maximum pressure on flow chambers should not exceed 100 PSI. Recommended inlet pressure is 15-60 PSI (1-4 bar).

Sensor Options:

Clamnet® is a modular system consisting of an RTU and at least one sensing M-Node. M-Nodes are complete water quality monitors equivalent to traditional online instruments. The M-Nodes are connected to the water supply using a purpose-designed ‘click-connect’ flow cell arrangement. M-Nodes are connected in series to minimise water usage and can run at pressures up to 6 bar. M-Nodes are ultra low-powered and run autonomously for years at a time on small batteries. RTU’s may be connected to up to 8 M-Nodes using bus bars to consolidate communication signals. The most current, available M-Nodes include the following:

Line of Clamnet® M-node sensors laid next to each other
Example of the Clamnet® M-Nodes

If Clamnet® is a solution that you're interested in, contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book in an online product demonstration to experience first-hand the benefits of Clamnet®.

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