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SAFEgroup Automation Utilises Evoqua's Chloroclam

Updated: Jul 9

Data Visualisation and Integration

An excellent control system solution is 30% product and 70% the quality of the engineering applied. At SAFEgroup Automation (SGA), we partner with multiple world-leading vendors and engineer solutions that ensure our clients receive the right product for their long term business needs. Our end-to-end offering including installation, commissioning, integration, visualisation, support and maintenance allows our client smart solutions with no hassle or risk.

Evoqua supplies a device called “Chloroclam”, which is a water-quality monitor that continually monitors and reports chlorine residual data from the water distribution network.

At SGA, we have developed an integration to consolidate the data from Evoqua’s Chloroclam

devices into Schneider Electric’s ClearSCADA.

Chloroclam and WaterOutlook

As well as SCADA integration the Chloroclam data can be visualised and managed in WaterOutlook.

The WaterOutlook field data mobile app enables users to produce site reports when a Chloroclam is inspected in the field. The mobile app will enable users to record and perform calibration in the field with the logging of manual test samples to be uploaded to WaterOutlook and trended against the Chloroclam data being collected from the Evoqua portal. The mobile app will also be able to list a set of work instructions for the maintenance of the Chloroclam.

To find out more about how this adaptive product can provide an effective solution for your business needs, contact us today.

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