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Hydraclam® - Monitoring Turbidity in water networks

An Example of the Hydraclam Unit

The Hydraclam® is part of the Clamnet® system of sensors, telemetered data loggers, mobile app and web portal. The Hydraclam® can be used at hydrants or other convenient points on the water mains network to continually monitor and report turbidity, conductivity, temperature and pressure data. Used alone or in conjunction with other sensors attached to the Clam RTU the Hydraclam® is an ideal component of any Smart Network for drinking water quality.

The Hydraclam® v2 has been comprehensively redesigned to make it more appropriate for the world market. The new design has repackaged the Hydraclam® v3 sensor as a single unit and upgraded the flow control valve. The unique and patented flushing control is important to ensure that turbidity data is a true reflection of the water in the main at that time.

Connected to the new Clam RTU the low power consumption allows uninterrupted remote operation between the recommended service intervals. The bidirectional communications allow firmware upgrades, configuration changes and remote diagnostics as well as routine data uploads to the Clamnet® Portal and instant alarming.

Clamnet® Portal:

Data from the Hydraclam is stored and viewed on the very secure Clamnet® Portal. With flexible device management and visualisation tools, the portal can manage large Clam fleets. Data can also be exported as CSV files or via our API for incorporating incorporate SCADA systems.

Key Features:

Icon of a cog with arrows pointing out from it

Access the water via hydrant point enabling

rapid deployment and recovery.

Icon of a bar graph

Measurement of turbidity, conductivity, pressure,

and temperature all in one device.

Icon of a switchboard panel

High-resolution turbidity sensor designed

specifically for potable water.

Icon of a cog with a spanner in the middle of it

Patented flushing control to ensure water from the main is sampled.

Icon of a globe with dots surrounding it

Bi-directional 4G cellular communications for remote configuration, data upload, and alarming.

Icon of a mobile phone with lines around it to look like it's sending a signal

Bluetooth mobile app for local set up, control, and data collection.

Icon of a half a cog and a screwdriver next to it

New design allowing easier

servicing of the sensor.

Icon of a water droplet with a cog on top of it

Submersible robust

IP68 enclosure.

Icon of a desktop computer screen with a document coming out of it

Powerful Clamnet® Portal data

management and visualisation.

Icon of a screwdriver and spanner crossed over

External connection for the

addition of a chlorine sensor.

Icon of a certificate ribbon

A cornerstone for water quality

Smart Networks.

Technical Specifications:

screenshot of the Hydraclams technical specifications

If the Hydraclam® is a solution that you're interested in, please contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book a product demonstration to experience the benefits of the Hydraclam® first-hand.

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