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Onsite Versatility With Potable Water Quality Monitoring System

MetriNet® - Battery Powered Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring System:

The MetriNet ® is an integrated water quality system designed for potable water distribution monitoring, with logging water quality measurements being its primary function. There are also interface options available to retrieve data from the unit via a Bluetooth interface.

The Metasphere Point Orange RTU transmits data via the DNP3 protocol or can be visualised by the Palette Cloud platform.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Chlorine decay monitoring.

  • Critical control point monitoring.

  • Remote site monitoring.

  • Network investigations lift and shift.

  • Monochloramine monitoring.

  • Ideal for sites with no power.

  • Customers can change batteries and service the sensors.


The MetriNet RTU controller communicates with sensor nodes using the Modbus protocol. Each measuring node is a complete sensor and Modbus transmitter with the submersible multi-pin connector on the back. If only one sensor is used, that sensor is connected directly to the controller. If more than one sensor is used, sensors plug into a multi-sensor bus bar, which is then connected to the controller. Systems with more than 5 sensors require 2 bus bars. Bus bar connectors are protected by push-on vinyl protective caps.

M-Nodes are installed in modular flow chambers, secured with twist-lock pins on the front of the node. Each node requires one chamber and the chambers clamp together with locking rings on each end. Push-to-connect fittings are installed on each end but the end fittings contain 1/8” NPT female threads to accommodate other fittings. The outlet side of the flow assembly will normally contain a fixed-flow regulator to maintain a constant flow of 200 ml/min. when sample line pressure is 1100 PSI (.07-6.6 bar). Maximum pressure on flow chambers should not exceed 100 PSI.

Recommended inlet pressure is 15-60 PSI (1-4 bar).

Sensor Options:

MetriNet is a modular system consisting of an RTU and at least one sensing M-Node. M-Nodes are complete water quality monitors equivalent to traditional online instruments. The M-Nodes are connected to the water supply using a purpose-designed ‘click-connect’ flow cell arrangement. M-Nodes are connected in series to minimise water usage and can run at pressures up to 6 bar. M-Nodes are ultra low-powered and run autonomously for years at a time on small batteries. RTU’s may be connected to up to 8 M-Nodes using bus bars to consolidate communication signals. The most current, available M-Nodes include the following:

Line of Clamnet® M-node sensors laid next to each other
Example of the Clamnet® M-Nodes

If MetriNet® is a solution that you're interested in, contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book an online product demonstration to experience first-hand the benefits of MetriNet®.

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