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Do You Require High-Quality Custom Control Panels?

Electrical Engineering and Design:

At SAFEgroup Automation’s (SGA) we pride ourselves in knowing our clients and understanding what’s necessary in order for them to succeed. Our electrical consulting services have proven to be successful in establishing and maintaining loyal partnerships. We play an integral role in helping our clients achieve success through detailed electrical designs, custom-built boards and on-site commissioning.

Our services include:

  • Single-Line Diagrams.

  • Electrical Schematics.

  • Panel Schedules.

  • Conduit Schedules.

  • Conductor/Cable Schedules.

  • Variable Frequency Drives.

Image of an open switchboard on a workbench
Example of one of our in-house switchboards.

Panel Fabrication:

Our in-house capabilities enable us to provide custom control panels manufactured to either your specifications or built to our quality standards. No matter how big or small your business needs are, our electrical manufacturing team is able to deliver your requirements. Whatever we can’t build ourselves, we outsource to several trusted switchboard builders to deliver quality products that we are proud to put our own name against.

Green on-site telemetry panels
Example of one of our Telemetry panels.

Telemetry Panels:

Our standard control panel designs were developed during our long history of building wastewater system electrical controls. These standard panels are designed primarily for pump and flow control applications, however, can be configured for many other uses. Our large production volume allows us to partner directly with leading manufacturers to install quality components to fit any sized panel at a reduced rate.

Key Benefits:

Our turnkey solutions offer the following benefits all under the one roof:

Cog with refresh icons circulating inside icon

Premium install service:

Only quality materials used; wired directly to the power source not GPO’s; secured tray and conduits; superior coax connections.

Two overlapping cogs icon

Standardised design:

Various sizes to fit existing installation, all IO wired for ease of maintenance.

Lightening bolt with arms coming off it icon

Use of premium power supplies:

Allowing for smart battery charging and condition monitoring.

Sun with a shield in front of it icon

Consideration of heat in panels:

Vent kits are installed for all outdoor panels in direct sunlight.

Cog with a tool in front of it icon


RF tests, point-point, sequence testing, battery test.

Cog with a light bulb inside icon


Customised to your system, various levels to suit the audience.

Phone with 24 inside a dotted circle icon


Premium 24/7 support services, remote access, issue tracking, up-skilling staff and contractors.

No matter how big or small your business needs are, our electrical manufacturing team is able to deliver your control panel requirements. Contact us for more information.

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