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Project Highlight: Remote Water Quality Monitoring

In February 2021 SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) was engaged by Unitywater to design and install 8 multi-parameter water quality monitoring systems.

This project comes as part of Unitywater’s Digital Neighbourhood program which aims to transform their water and sewerage network. This will result in an intelligent data platform where advanced analytics can be used to provide data-driven decision-making, that will ultimately benefit Unitywater and its customers. Previous projects under this program include the installation of smart metering and leak detection in the water reticulation network.

Limited by a lack of site power and communications, the battery-powered MetriNet water quality monitoring system from ATi UK was installed alongside the Metasphere Point Orange RTU with NB IoT cellular communications. This low-power system communicates with a high level of accuracy and resolution back to Metasphere’s Palette cloud platform. The RTU is also capable of communicating via the DNP3 protocol directly to Unitywater’s SCADA system.

6 Sensor Cabinet Installation, Kurwongbah

This project will play a key role in allowing Unitywater to understand the disinfection behavior of the water reticulation network and understand the efficiency and effectiveness of the chlorine levels in next to real-time. This project is just another step in ensuring the delivery of consistent high-quality water to customers. The MetriNet system measures and monitors the following water quality parameters:

  • Total Chlorine

  • Combined Chlorine

  • Free Chlorine

  • pH

  • ORP

  • Conductivity

  • Pressure

Unitywater’s Water Quality Team is able to access the Palette cloud platform remotely to monitor the water quality readings, with the ability to trend readings over any given time period.

Palette Dashboard Status Page

Palette Dashboard: Conductivity, ORP, pH and PSI readings over month of December

SGA would like to acknowledge the following people in this project delivery:

  • Jennifer Wain (Water Quality Manager Unitywater) for her faith in trialing the MetriNet Technology

  • Peter Knott (Project Manager Unitywater) for his support and patience in delivering this project in the middle of a pandemic

  • Stephen Coward from Metasphere Australia

  • Garry Tabor & the team from ATi UK

  • Matthew Carson (QLD Engineering Manager), Liam Cosgrove and Joel Timmins from the SGA Brisbane office and Adam Simpson (Product Manager Smart Utilities SGA)

If MetriNet® is a solution that you're interested in, contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book an online product demonstration to experience first-hand the benefits of MetriNet®.

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