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SAFEgroup Automation is Experienced in Substation Automation - Networks for 61850 GOOSE and PTP

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA), is proud to support our clients through the process of their evolving industrial networks, to increase efficiency and reduce risk. Our clients are implementing this evolution with high-quality applications that leverage their investment in industrial networks. However, these applications are often accompanied by network design and implementation challenges.

SAFEgroup Automation High Voltage Switch Room

Substation Automation with 61850 allows intelligent power protection relays (IED’s) to communicate directly with each other. These devices leverage layer 2 Multicast and retain a low tolerance for delays. Ethernet and fibre enable this to be conducted over long distances, or just within the room, and enables fault protection schemes your Power Engineers have only ever dreamt of. Coupling that with the accuracy of Precision Time Protocol (IEEE PTPv2) Power Profile, ensures that trapping of power events is a seamless exercise.

If you have implemented Power Protection Relays or substation automation, you will have no doubt heard of 61850, GOOSE, SV, MMS and PTP. However, if any of this process has caused you problems within your industrial networks, our team have the experience and expertise to design, implement and test a network. The benefit is that these can and should co-exist with your existing systems.

Contact us to discover how our team can provide solutions and execute integrations for your industrial network.

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