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Syrinix - Pipeminder-T

Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring

SAFEgroup Automation has partnered with Syrinix to offer the Australian market an innovative water monitoring solution. Syrinix has been leading the industry in intelligent pipeline monitoring and offers a range of solutions.

Working in paired units, PIPEMINDER-T collects acoustic data up to four times daily, automatically assessing pipelines to quickly and accurately understand the integrity of the monitored main, and identify any leaks.

Example of the Clamnet® Unit. Displaying the Controller and sensors on a blue backboard
Example of the Pipeminder-T Unit

The additional collection of high-resolution pressure data identifies pressure transients that contribute to pipeline fatigue and can even be a cause of emergent leaks.

Incorporating hydrophone and geophone acoustic sensors with false-positive mitigation and intensive data analytics, PIPEMINDER-T provides utilities with peace of mind that one-off survey tools cannot offer. Detecting leaks without the disruptions associated with the usual survey methods.

An integrated GPS receiver records a fixed position and continually sets the device time. This allows leaks to be precisely located, and other network events to be sequenced and traced.

With a range of power options, PIPEMINDER-T operates with mains, rechargeable batteries or solar power.


Remote configuration.

Mains, battery or solar-powered.

GPS time & location tracking.

Pressures of up to 20bar.

IP68 water and dust resistant.

CE and FCC certified.

All data is displayed in Syrinix’s RADAR data hub, where individual correlations can be reviewed and the locations of leak noise investigated with Google Maps to validate the potential leak location.

screenshot of the Syrinix Pipeminder T's technical specifications
Syrinix Pipeminder-T

Once a leak has been observed over a specified number of days, an alert will be sent and a report provided. This guards against false positives.

PIPEMINDER-T also integrates into RADAR, Syrinix’s cloud-based portal for data analysis. Available online on any device, RADAR is powerful yet easy to use, providing rich data analysis and reporting. Along with automated email or SMS alerts for critical events, RADAR can also export data via FTP into your SCADA systems.

If the Syrinix PIPEMINDER-T is a solution that you're interested in, please contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book an online product demonstration to experience first-hand the benefits of the PIPEMINDER-T.

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