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We are a multi-vendor specialist, with strong partnerships with the major suppliers of hardware and software, providing a depth of knowledge across the range of our Smart Utilities services. We do however partner with complementary companies that typically specialise in SAAS offerings which can integrate and improve our core services. 

Salamander Group is one of those companies where their product offerings align with our Smart Utilities services and from that we have become an official Australian distributor for their products as listed below: 

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Remote water quality devices

The Clamnet® is an integrated water quality system designed for portable water distribution monitoring.

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Remote water quality sensors

The Chloroclam® is a water-quality monitor that continually monitors and reports chlorine residual data from the water distribution network.

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Remote water quality sensors

​The Hydraclam® is used to continually monitor and report turbidity, conductivity, temperature and pressure data.

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