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Intelligent pipeline


Partnering with innovative solutions


We have partnered with the intelligent pipeline monitoring company, Syrinix to offer the Australian market an innovative water monitoring solution. 

What is Syrinix?

For over 16 years, Syrinix has been leading the industry in intelligent pipeline monitoring. Its innovative PIPEMINDER technology offers serviced solutions, covering clean water and wastewater networks and pipelines. These innovative solutions enable water companies to detect, and then mitigate issues on the water pipe network before they become more serious failures.


Each PIPEMINDER product enables companies to make better informed, data-driven decisions concerning infrastructure and water network behaviour. Their use is proven to extend the longevity of both existing and new infrastructure, saving money, and safeguarding precious water resources.


From transient detection to network monitoring, asset management to leak correlation, risk management to network calming, Syrinix's range of smarter monitoring solutions allows a user to be more proactive and prevent potential issues. Syrinix technology gives you greater clarity, understanding, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Check out the range of Syrinix solutions below:

SAFEgroup Automation image of Syrinix Pipeminder one devices


The next-generation low-cost network monitoring tool. PIPEMINDER ONE is
smaller, smarter, and more powerful.

SAFEgroup Automation image of Pipeminder-T devices


Collects acoustic data up to four times daily,  automatically assessing pipelines to quickly and accurately understand the integrity of the monitored main, and identify any leaks.

Discover how Syrinix can improve your network!