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Because engineering

Premium Control Systems Integration


Leading provider of control system engineering services

At SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) we focus on unbiased engineering services and providing quality solutions for our client's needs. We understand the critical role that automation systems play in the overall operation of our client’s business and we are trusted by our clients because of our proven history of designing, integrating, and automating systems that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve safety.

We deliver fit-for-purpose, best practice solutions. We don't start with a blank sheet of paper. We build on the collective experience of our diverse and ever-growing brains, our reliable network of peers, and prior experience. 


Show us a problem, tell us your goals, and let us work with you, all while gaining access to the collective experience of our diverse network of customers, industries, engineers, partners, suppliers, and prior experience. Let us show you the difference that good engineering can create. 

Industry-proven solutions

Automation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of control system services extending from electrical works in the field to business system integrations, smart utilities, and data analytics. Discover what automation services we offer:

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Design & Consultancy

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RTU's & Telemetry

SAFEgroup Automation icon of a controller

PLC & Process Control

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Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity

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Hardware & Software Resellers

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Control & Instrument Panel Assembly

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Electrical Field Technicians


Service Delivery

Our service delivery is focused on providing innovative engineering solutions across all offering areas of our business. Where are you on the services cycle and where do you need to be? 

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Control systems design, development, testing, and commissioning.


Strategic plans, specifications, standards, reports, business cases, and tenders.


24/7 support, maintenance, troubleshooting, health audits, and training.


Site audits, radio surveys, instrumentation, commissioning, and on-site electrical services.

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Fit-for-purpose, best practice solutions

Automation Speciality

Our carefully selected engineering team has come from diverse backgrounds and industries. Together we represent decades of engineering expertise. This combined experience allows us to not only be premium control system integrators across all of our services but specialise in specific areas. These speciality areas include:



Do you require state-of-the-art control systems?

The ultimate success of any control system is driven by the people who utilise it.

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Electrical Services

Do you require strong electrical designs?

We have experience and qualifications in both electrical trades and engineering.

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Hazardous Areas

Do you have hazardous areas in your facility?

We have an accredited team available to assist with managing hazardous areas.

Discover how we can improve your control systems!

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