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Control System Engineering

From the field to the boardroom


Solutions as a service

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of control system services extending from electrical works in the field to business system integrations and data analytics.

Our service delivery is focused on providing innovative engineering solutions and sustainable long term value for our clients.

Control Systems Engineering

SCADA, telemetry, PLC, HMI, RTU, cybersecurity, networking and  historians

Our innovative engineering team boasts diverse expertise across a large number of edge controllers, SCADA and historian platforms. Our telemetry & DNP expertise is second-to-none.

Expert Advice

Strategy, standards, reports, business cases and tenders

We believe strongly in engineering within a strategy and standards framework, so it is our pleasure to bring our various subject matter experts and industry collaboration capabilities to the table with you.


Training, troubleshooting, 24/7 support and health audits

Support is deeply ingrained in our team culture. We are committed to sharing our expertise and help improve your internal ownership and capabilities.

Business Systems

BI, analytics, business system interfaces, operational data and compliance

Our expertise in data analytics puts us in an excellent position to connect your SCADA systems with various business systems, ensuring the data reliability and format of your data.

Field Services

Site/panel audits, commissioning, on-site electrical, radio surveys and design

Our field service team has experience and qualifications in both electrical trades and engineering. We can assist you in developing and maintaining strong electrical designs and standards throughout your systems.


BBRA, compliance audits, WHS management systems, expert witnesses

We collaborate with our founding company, SAFEgroup, to offer comprehensive safety services.

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Our pulse-points are services that we are concurrently providing to a range of customers. Delivering these in-demand services to a range of customers allows us to increase the value of the service at a decreased price point.

SCADA Strategy Reports

Management buy-in, support, funding, direction

We take our quality and safety very seriously at SAFEgroup Automation

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