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It has become standard practice for companies to analyse their manufacturing processes on a continual basis to ensure their operations are running efficiently. These processes can be changed from problematic or error-prone tasks to straightforward, valuable assets through the introduction of a control system that analyses these processes on a continual basis. The data collected can provide reports to show where improvements can be made.

With our in-depth knowledge of automation and motion control products, our engineers can integrate any motion control system, including steppers, servos (single, multi-axis) and VFDs. Including integrated motion of drive and servo systems.

Our team of expert control system integrators provide our clients with custom control system solutions with the support needed to streamline their processes.

Our goal is to ease these industry-specific challenges with automated solutions, while also reducing production costs, increasing quality control and improving the overall safety of the operations.

Our manufacturing experience include:
  • Waste reduction.

  • Process improvement and control.

  • Energy usage monitoring.

  • Uptime maximisation.

  • Machine control upgrades.

  • Quality management.

  • Risk and safety management.

  • Hazardous environment design.

  • Machine safety solutions.

  • TÜV certifications.

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