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The central solution for

operational reporting

Exceptional reporting in real time

About WaterOutlook LabOnline


SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) has partnered with WaterOutlook as a reseller of their products, including their innovative lab software, LabOnline.

LabOnline system is an easy to use data solution for internal council laboratories that can provide:

  • Full chain-of-custody data management.

  • Registration of samples live from the field and data entry for on-site measurements.

  • Integrated reporting with other data sources captured in WaterOutlook.

Many local government authorities operate their own laboratory facilities to manage costs and the logistical challenges of having samples analysed by external providers for compliance. Finding a data management solution with specific recordkeeping requirements can be challenging.

WaterOutlook and LabOnline provide a mobile and cloud-based solution that is purpose-built to manage chain-of-custody record keeping.

Key Benefits

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Cost-efficient solution.


Exceptional reporting in real-time for manual lab data.

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Systematic reporting from a central location.


Data accuracy by minimising chain of custody.

SAFEgroup Automation WaterOutlook laptop

Accurate and timely information for reporting and compliance.

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Partnering with complementary solutions

WaterOutlook Products

SAFEgroup Automation is partnered with New Zealand based technology solutions company, WaterOutlook as the Australian reseller of the innovative cloud-based system. Discover the range of WaterOutlook products below or keep up to date with our blog to learn about new updates or applications of the WaterOutlook products.

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The central solution for operational data reporting.

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Innovative laboratory data management software.

Discover how WaterOutlook can improve your operations!

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