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A fully managed data stack for your SCADA data

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Industry proven smart solutions


​What is Odasa®?

Odasa is a best of breed data stack curated for the unique needs of real-time SCADA and IoT data.

With a growing library of pragmatic solutions, Odasa empowers users with unbeatable rapid value realisation.

Odasa come with the support of a responsive and experienced team of data architects and systems engineers specialising in real-time, real-world data and operations.

Applications and Benefits

Data stack as a service

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Expert and responsive engineers 

Curated user solutions

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Digital Transformation


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Real time mobile data access

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Applications built for
your needs

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Odasa Architecture

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Odasa Applications 

Odasa presents visual data like no other SCADA data stack. Simple to export and interpret data, with a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke applications, we can build a library of applications that directly meet your need for real time SCADA &  IoT data.

Just like below, Odasa data can be exported to reports, intranets and web based applications with ease.

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