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SAFEgroup Automation image of a solar panel farm in Western NSW with the mountain range in the background

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Renewable Energy

Solutions for the infrastructure industry


Solutions for the renewable energy industry

Renewable Energy

With the rise in climate change awareness, finite fossil fuel resources, and Governments setting goals to reach a zero-emissions target, the shift towards renewable energy is rapidly on the rise.

The increased support for the development of renewable technologies has prompted companies to establish smarter and more efficient methods to ensure they stay viable and competitive within the industry.

As a leading Australian provider of control system solutions, our team at SAFEgroup Automation has developed extensive automation experience within the renewable energy industry. Our team of engineers and industry partners maintain decades of technological expertise to assist our clients in managing quality, reducing industry-related risks, and meeting the consumers’ demands.

Our goal is to assist our renewable clients with industry-specific challenges by providing innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to their individual system needs and offering automation expertise to help reduce costs whilst maximising performance and productivity.

Our renewable energy experience include:
  • Solar farms.

  • Battery storage facilities.

  • Waste to energy technologies.

  • Wind farms.

  • Quality management.

  • Risk and safety management.

  • Hazardous environment design.

  • Machine safety solutions.

Our renewable energy services include:
SAFEgroup Automation Field Services


SAFEgroup Automation Support


SAFEgroup Automation Control System Engineering


SAFEgroup Automation Business Systems


SAFEgroup Automation Expert Advice


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