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Managing Explosive Atmospheres - Hazardous Areas Services

In areas where gases, vapours or dust are stored or handled there is a risk that the concentration of the material in the air could form an explosive atmosphere. In industry, this is referred to as a hazardous area. An explosion, caused by the ignition of an explosive atmosphere, has the potential to damage equipment or entire facilities, resulting in operational losses and serious injury to personnel.

Hazardous areas are not just relevant to the mining and gas industries. They exist across all industries, with those that are often overlooked, including food and beverage manufacturing, 3D printing, chemical plants (e.g., ammonia and hydrogen), pharmaceuticals, laboratories, chemical plants, spray booths, and sawmills.

For asset owners, managing the risks associated with hazardous areas is a legal obligation through both WHS and electrical safety regulations. These regulations mandate the classifications of hazardous areas, the use of certified explosion-protected electrical equipment in these areas, and the works being undertaken by personnel with hazardous areas competencies.

Are you managing hazardous areas risks in your facility? Have all hazardous materials been identified, and hazardous areas classified to Australian Standards? Are your electrical installations designed to Australian Standards for explosive atmospheres? Are systems in place to protect personnel and equipment?

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) have accredited engineers and electricians available to assist with the management of hazardous areas. See our range of services below.

Our Services:

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Compliance audits and site inspections.

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Assistance with creating and managing remediation plans

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Classification of hazardous areas.

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Electrical and control system design for equipment in hazardous areas

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Development and delivery of awareness training.

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Electrical installation works.

To learn more, get in touch with the team at SGA to see how implementing these services can help keep your facilities and personnel safe.


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