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SAFEgroup Automation Future Leader Program

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) has recently introduced our Future Leaders Program. At SGA, we are committed to fostering a culture that empowers our people and encourages internal career progression.

This new initiative is designed to provide our aspiring young engineers the information, skills, and training to develop into the Leaders and Managers of SGA as we continue to grow.

Congratulations to the first of our Future Leaders Trainees.

Daniel Biltris - Senior Control Systems Engineer

Daniel started with SGA as a Control Systems Engineer, and over the past 5 years has worked in a variety of capacities focusing on industrial automation & control, and optimization. Daniel’s strong interest in Operational Technology (OT) networking and security has seen him widen his skill set with relevant certified training and on-site experience. He has continually exhibited natural leadership and notable technical abilities which have influenced his progression to senior engineering.

Stephen Doyle - Senior Control Systems Engineer

Stephen has worked for SGA as a Systems Engineer for three years and over this time has combined his keen interest in Telemetry system design and knowledge to focus on telemetry system upgrades predominantly in the water/wastewater space with our existing clients. In 2020, Stephen made the move to the SGA Brisbane office gaining further experience at all stages of the project life cycle, bringing his friendly and professional attitude to all client interactions assisting them in fine-tuning the details of their system to better suit their needs and take full advantage of the latest technology.

Nic Rodgers - Control Systems Engineer

Nic joined SGA as an Undergraduate Control Systems Engineer in 2019 and has quickly established himself as an asset to the automation industry, with extensive knowledge across industrial automation and control systems within renewable energy and water industries.  Nic is constantly striving to develop his expertise, and with a passion for code development, he thrives on challenging situations and establishing client relationships to provide innovative, reliable, and accessible solutions.

Micah Veith - Control Systems Engineer

Micah began his engineering career with SGA in 2018, gaining exposure to a wide range of control and telemetry systems. Since joining SGA, Micah has been largely involved with the Central Highlands Water SCADA & RTU redesign, contributing new features & functionality to support the success of the project. Micah is passionate about innovative engineering, looking at new approaches to rethink the way we engineer and seeing new projects as an opportunity to improve the outcomes for both the client systems and the internal development at SGA.

We are excited to watch the progress of the trainees through the next chapter of their careers, as we continue to see the SGA team to grow and achieve great things!

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