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Schneider Global Telemetry SI Partner of the Year

We are proud to announce that we have been named Global Telemetry SI Partner of the Year at the Schneider Industrial System Integrator Partner of the Year Awards.

Pictured: Joe Thomas (Left), Mauro Dellemonache (Centre), Stephen Kress (Right))

The annual Industrial System Integrator Partner of the Year Awards were designed to recognise individuals, organisations, and partner ecosystems in the Schneider Electric SI sector.

From Schneider Electric press release on the awards-

“Each award celebrates exceptional service in the sector, as well as innovation and optimum end user outcomes that have boosted profit for industrial and infrastructure customer operations.”

“SAFEgroup Automation for outstanding delivery of Telemetry heavy projects, in addition to growth in technical ability, skills and knowledge in this unique expertise.”

We take great pride in being a system integrator for Schneider and are committed to helping customers protect their data, people, and brand.

A Schneider global systems integrator (GSI) partner is responsible for providing outsourcing, consulting, and managed services across the globe to deliver Schneider technology to customers.

As a multi-vendor specialist, with strong partnerships with major suppliers of hardware and software like Schneider Electric, we provide a depth of knowledge across multiple industries and platforms.

Learn more about becoming a GSI for Schneider Electric

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