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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) SCADA Audit is an independent review of all the aspects of a SCADA system. We created the SCADA Audit review to pinpoint any SCADA issues that may be causing operational inefficiencies. As some systems tend to cause chaos over time, doing a SCADA Audit can provide preventative maintenance and identify potential risks in the SCADA system, well before any major issues may occur.

The SCADA Audit is a collaborative process between SGA staff and your team, and can be performed either on-site or remotely. Documentation, as well as the SCADA, is reviewed and minor works can be completed during the audit. Therefore, the SCADA Audit generally takes about a week to complete.

The most common issues discovered through the SCADA Audit are insufficient historic, event and audit storage intervals; tuning and configuration of DNP channels; and excessive historical data and alarms.

An SGA SCADA Audit provides a detailed report to the client which provides an in-depth analysis of the system, an executive summary and a comprehensive list of recommendations indicating risk and priorities. All modifications and improvements performed during the Audit are also documented and provided to yourself and your team.

Key Benefits:

Alarms and Events Frequency, disabled alarms, wireless communications & alarming.

Communications Network DNP, bandwidth, tuning and efficiency.

Backups and Archiving Data integrity and security.

SCADA Server Configuration Creating consistency by optimising server settings.

SCADA Database Configuration Reviewing logic, scripting, mimics and templates.

Documentation and Network Drawings Reviewed and updated.

Version Auditing Network, SCADA activity and performance review.

Performance Application and configuration auditing.

Security Network security and best practices.

Remote Access Buying and selling a product or premium services.

If your company is in need of a SCADA Audit, we have an expert team of control systems engineers that can assist you with your systems. Contact us today to find out more!

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Phone: 1300 SGA 247 (1300 742 247)
Copyright ©2020 SAFEgroup Automation Australia
ABN 54 606 656 884
Phone: 1300 SGA 247 (1300 742 247)
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