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That’s a wrap for OzWater 2024!

That’s a wrap for OzWater 2024!

Thank you to everyone who came and saw us at our stand and caught up on the latest with SGA!

For everyone who did not attend, let us catch you up on some exciting news.

Our very own Stuart Street had the opportunity to co-present a paper titled Real-Time SCADA Analytics tailored for manager and Engineer – Odasa with Andrew McVey from Shoalhaven City Council.

The paper is about our new platform, Odasa, which is tailored for managers and engineers who require access to reliable, summarised information from SCADA systems, though who often don’t have the time or accessibility to wade through SCADA screens to correlate data. The new platform provides a simple web interface to access SCADA information, with analytics built to provide historical context and future predictions at the click of a button.

Please see a copy of the paper below.


If you would like to learn more about Odasa, Stuart, and Andrew will be in a soon-to-be-released

podcast touching light on the paper and platform itself, or please feel free to contact us. 

Ozwater Paper Odasa - Real-time SCADA Analytics Tailored for Managers and Engineers
Download PDF • 1.35MB

Can't see the paper? You can also find it here

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