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WaterOutlook: A ‘One Stop Shop’ for Operational Data

Operational and compliance management can be challenging to keep on top of. Compliance reporting and real-time information on plant operations tend to be time-consuming, tedious, and decentralised. However, with WaterOutlook, managers and operators have the necessary tools and information needed to report seamlessly to regulatory agencies and communities.

WaterOutlook Centralises data from a variety of sources so you can have a single source of truth!

Why use WaterOutlook?

WaterOutlook both simplifies the chain of custody and provides a full audit trail of every action undertaken in the repository. The full audit capabilities allow WaterOutlook clients to go paperless for operational and compliance reporting.

WaterOutlook allows your organisation to:

  • Automate routine operational and compliance reporting.

  • Respond immediately with real time exception alerts.

  • Maximise traceability and transparency with a full audit-grade system and website integration.

  • Centralise data and create a single source of reliable truth.

  • Understand your system with optimised data visualisations.

Since July 2012, all local Councils have been required to publish effluent discharge monitoring data from each of their wastewater treatment plant to ensure that they comply with the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011. WaterOutlook can integrate with your public facing website and guarantee compliance requirements like these are met.

Centralise and secure your data

WaterOutlook is the digital mesh that allows a client to have access to any data that affects its business – both internally and externally. For a Council, this means that data can be harvested from machines and people by using a variety of methods. It can also be collected from third parties such as electricity suppliers, regional councils and others, to give a holistic data picture.

WaterOutlook's unprecedented data security is achieved via four layers of redundancy and diversity

As WaterOutlook acts as a custodian for client data, it is designed to be a safe and fully secure system. Its unprecedented data security is achieved via four layers of redundancy and diversity:

  • Every Australian client is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform in Sydney.

  • Each Australian client has a fully remote backup in Melbourne.

  • Every 24 hours a full comprehensive and complete backup is sent to the client (including MSI of the software) to enable them to independently run their WaterOutlook system in times of emergency.

  • Weekly ‘unconnected’ backups are stored in the WaterOutlook offices.

Our experts will ensure that your system complies with all Local Government Sovereign Data requirements.

Get WaterOutlook on your team today!

Don’t let your organisation unnecessarily suffer from tedious and often inconsistent compliance management. SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) proudly integrates and maintains WaterOutlook in client systems – ensuring that their exact needs are always met.

With SGA’s expertise backing you, your system and organisation can experience:

  • Streamlined processes that lead to reduced resource usage.

  • Confidence in the security and safety of your data, with a reputable market leader.

  • Enhanced comprehension of your system and improved transparency.

Contact us today to learn how WaterOutlook can be integrated in your system!

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