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Smart Utilities


smart solutions

Fully integrated from the field to the boardroom

Smart Utilities

From the field to the boardroom

For any utility, the flow of information begins in the field. This data is collected by sensors, which can then be utilised throughout the utility, all the way up to the boardroom.

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Managing the flow of this information can become quite challenging, as it usually includes data from various inputs. For example, custom sensor portals collect data, which then flows on through to the SCADA and telemetry systems. Often, at this point the data wrangling starts in isolation; on separate spreadsheets, in different departments, reporting to senior management who then report to the Board. As you can imagine, this process can become quite complicated, but what if this process could flow seamlessly? 

SAFEgroup Automation's Smart Utilities can recommend the most suitable sensor solutions for your business needs, from automating operational and compliance reporting to organising multiple data sources. Discover what products and services SAFEgroup Automation Smart Utilities has to offer.

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Industry-proven smart solutions

Products and Services

We offer a comprehensive range of control system services extending from electrical works in the field to business system integrations, smart utilities, and data analytics. Discover what SGA Smart Utilities has to offer:

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Operational reporting and compliance tool.

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Weather Stations

Early detection of extreme weather events.

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Intelligent pipeline monitoring.

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Packaged Solutions

Offering the best solution for your business needs.

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Remote water quality monitoring.

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IIOT Systems

Integrating and supporting IIOT systems.

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Chloroclam & Hydraclam

Water quality sensors.

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OEM Connectivity 

Support and integration with OEM devices.

Multi-vendor specialists

Our Partners

We are a multi-vendor specialist, with strong partnerships with the major suppliers of hardware and software, providing a depth of knowledge across the range of our Smart Utilities services. We do however partner with complementary companies that typically specialise in SAAS offerings and can integrate and improve our core services. Learn more below.

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Operational data management

We are partnered with WaterOutlook as the Australian reseller of the innovative cloud-based system.

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Intelligent pipeline monitoring

We are partnered with Syrinix to offer the Australian market an innovative water monitoring solution.

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Salamander Group

Remote water quality devices

We have been appointed as an official distributor for the Clamnet®, Chloroclam® and Hydraclam® IoT water quality devices.

Discover how Smart Utilities can improve your operations!

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