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3 Key Benefits of Implementing WaterOutlook During this Unprecedented Time

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It is without a doubt that we are currently living in an unprecedented time, and with the recently announced social distancing and self-isolation guidelines, many employers have been forced to implement measures that allow employees to work remotely or from home. For some organisations, implementing this will be quite straight forward, but for others, particularly in the utilities and industrial sector, it will present some challenges.

Operational, engineering and management staff will still need to access many data sources such as lab, SCADA data and field data, for example. This data in most cases, will sit on different servers and will have several users accessing it. Working remotely in this instance may not be possible, although, it is not the only option. Prior to the current situation, many of our clients overcame this problem by implementing WaterOutlook and have since eased the pain of day to day operations.

So, what is WaterOutlook? WaterOutlook is a unique, cloud-based, data visualisation and reporting software that connects SCADA data, manual entry forms, operational data, lab data and other 3rd party data such as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) into the one platform.

As an operational and compliance management tool, WaterOutlook offers real-time information on how your systems are operating and provides instant alerts to issues that would otherwise take several days to filter through. It compiles all the data into one central cloud-based location that can then be accessed from the Operator to the General Manager.

But What Are The 3 Key Benefits? At SAFEgroup Automation, we aim to provide an unwavering commitment of customer service to all our clients and we believe that this product can offer various benefits to not only your systems but your current working situation during this uncertain time. The 3 key benefits include:

1. Remote Implementation WaterOutlook is a system that can be completely implemented remotely. It is also is easily operated via a web portal or mobile devices.

2. Cost-Efficient Solution WaterOutlook is a cheap and easy software to trial. Once implemented, it also provides reduced operational costs by using accurate and timely information.

3. Remote Working WaterOutlook is a unique system that lends itself to remote working. It also reduces the reliance on key personnel to collate and analyse data.

If this is a solution that you are interested in, contact our Product Manager, Adam Simpson to find out more or book in an online product demonstration and experience first-hand the power of WaterOutlook.

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