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How To Prevent Arc Flash Hazards

An arc flash incident has the potential to damage equipment, result in operational losses, and serious injury to personnel. Arc flash events are a result of the breakdown of air between live electrical conductors resulting in an extremely large flow of current. Associated with these arcing currents is the formation of plasma arcs. The arc temperatures can be as high as 10,000 °C. The most dangerous element of an arc flash event is in direct contact with the plasma arc, which can cause life-threatening or debilitating injuries.

For electrical asset owners, managing the risks associated with arc flash can be a daunting task and invariably it can be challenging to know where to start. Nevertheless, managing these risks is a moral and legal obligation, essential for any business with electrical infrastructure.

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What is the risk with arc flash on your electrical assets? Do you have a plan to manage this risk? Are you implementing appropriate risk mitigation? Are systems in place to reduce this risk?

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) can provide services to assist with arc flash risk management. See our range of services below.

Our Services:

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Rapid and simple deployment and recovery.

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Arc Flash incident energy calculations (to establish risk levels).

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Assistance with creating management plans.

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Assistance with management plan implementation.

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Development of Arc Flash awareness training.

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General advice and consulting.

To find out more, please get in touch with SGA to see how implementing these services can help keep your employees safe.


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