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Are you satisfied with your current Alarm Management?

Alarm management is one of the most critical functions of a SCADA system. If the alarm management is poor, operators may become inundated with more alarms than they can handle. This can result in crucial alarms being overlooked, incorrect diagnosis of problems, and delayed or inadequate responses to critical events.

Poor alarm management can lead to:

  • Missed or delayed responses to critical events

  • Costly downtime and reputation damage

  • Increased risk of safety related incidents

  • Unnecessary strain and stress on the team

Duplicate alarms can easily be missed and/or unclear

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) recognises the significance of alarm management and collaborates closely with clients to enhance their alarm system. Our approach is practical and aims to provide the best tools. This ultimately enables frontline operators, technicians, and engineers to have an accurate understanding of their system and make informed decisions.

An example of how your alarms can be visualised – tidy and practical!

With SGA’s expertise and alarm management tools supporting you, your system will benefit from:

  • Improved Alarm Situational Awareness With a tidy and practical alarm system, your team won’t be dealing with problem and nuisance alarms - saving resources at an operational level.

  • A Wide Range of Tools SGA will help integrate a variety of relevant tools to help your business rationalise, configure, and manage your alarms. Our tools have been developed so they can work as a standalone solution or enhance other third-party tools.

  • Improved Alarm Processing Experience workflow reporting and management, integration with work order systems, advanced disabled and shelved alarm management, alarm redirection rosters, escalation workflows and third-party integrations.

  • A cost-effective and customised solution Our team will ensure that your alarm management meets your unique needs in an efficient and resourceful manner.

  • Ongoing support and expertise at every stage This includes integrated online response systems, help procedures, and in-person support.

In addition, we provide ANSI/ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Life Cycle support services; including stakeholder engagement and workshops, standards documentation, reports, recommendations, and implementation.

Don’t let your system and organisation suffer from poor alarm management.

Work with SGA to develop a tidy and practical system that will improve efficiency across the board. Our ongoing engineering support also ensures that your system will remain optimised and up to date, providing continued reliable and safe operation.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimise your alarm management system!


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