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Need an Automated Solution to Display Your Wastewater Data?

The operation of wastewater treatment plants requires strict management to protect the environment and the health of the public when discharging effluent. Since July 2012, all local Councils have been required to publish effluent discharge monitoring data from each of their wastewater treatment plant to ensure that they comply with the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011.

SAFEgroup Automation has been working alongside various Australian clients to provide automated solutions that publish their effluent discharge monitoring data onto their websites. Partnered with operational and compliance management tool, WaterOutlook, we have been able to create a solution that links the real-time lab results and SCADA data to a tailor-made website that publicly displays wastewater quality and flow data for the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) monitoring points.

Our Solutions:

There have been several solutions that we have implemented for various clients, including one for Nambucca Valley Council. An environmental compliance report is produced through WaterOutlook and is sent to an employee who then uploads the reports to the council’s website.

Screenshot of the website

We have also developed reporting websites for two other Northern NSW clients, Bellingen Shire Council and Byron Shire Council. These tailor-made reporting websites automatically updates the reports as lab results and SCADA data come in. These websites display numerous data visualisations of each council’s wastewater quality and flow, broken down into specific areas that are required for the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) monitoring points and compliance. See the examples below or check out the websites:


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Get EPA and government approval.

SAFEgroup Automation open hands with a coin falling icon


Reduce operational costs.

SAFEgroup Automation stop watch and cog behind icon

Increase employee efficiency:

Reduce employees time spent on generating reports.

SAFEgroup Automation laptop icon

Ease of access:

Easily access all wastewater quality data.

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Remote Implementation:

The reporting system and website can be completely implemented remotely.

If you’re interested in finding out more about automating the display of your wastewater data and how it can benefit your operations, contact our Smart Utilities Product Manager, Adam Simpson or get in touch with the SGA team today!


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