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Ignition SCADA and IOT upgrade monitors and controls field lighting for a major NSW council

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) has been proudly working with one of New South Wales’ major local governments to install a real-time control system and monitoring system for several sporting and recreational spaces.



Our client’s goal was to simplify how they controlled and monitored field lighting across all their sporting and recreational areas.

To achieve this goal the client realised that their need for simplified on/off control of lighting, lighting level and enhanced power consumption usage data, could all be met in the form of a cloud-based platform that could be accessed by a mobile device and that could be scaled out to meet future needs.

With these requirements, our client identified the need to change how they managed their field lighting and energy usage and therefore contacted SGA to implement a solution. SGA’s suggested solution to these requirements involved implementing an automated solution that could address their current and future needs.

SAFEgroup Automation


Through using an innovative mix of technology, SGA delivered a more efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the client’s requirements.

By Combining the best of Telemetry and remote-control principals with the latest thinking regarding cloud hosting, IaaS/SaaS, and the IOT, SGA coupled a fleet of lightweight DNP3.0 Devices, Private 4G connectivity, Siemens PLC devices and a Cloud Hosted Ignition SCADA System to achieve the client’s needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Web-based distribution.

  • Cost-efficient solution.

  • More efficient response times.

  • Reliable can run on any platform.

  • Expandable, everything can be integrated with one system.

  • Secure and stable.

  • Real-time control and monitoring.

Project manager testimonial:

“SGA is proud to work with our customers to solve their challenges in a cost-effective, yet modern way. We know this solution will serve our client well into the future and we look forward to assisting other clients with their applications” – Ben Lamb - NSW Engineering Manger.



SGA provided an upgraded control system that delivers a faster, more cost-efficient and reliable outcome for the council to manage field lighting for several sporting and recreational facilities.

Through using an innovative SCADA system, our client now has the ability to implement and support future assets and facilities, without additional software costs and with minimal downtime.

Technology used:

  • Ignition SCADA.

  • Cloud Hosting.

  • IaaS/SaaS provisioning.

  • DNP3.0 Devices.

  • Private 4G Networking.

  • Siemens PLC devices.


Outcome summary:

  • Innovative, expandable and cost-efficient solution.

  • Minimal downtime during the upgrade.

  • Concise data and operational reports provided transparency on billing.

  • Bestow better services to the community and sports clubs.

  • Provide transparency on billing for themselves and customers.

  • Savings on both energy and ongoing maintenance costs.

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