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How Vulnerable Is Your Critical Infrastructure?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks poses unique challenges. These environments can be harsh and the systems often use specialised protocols.

Similar to personal or business networks, SCADA and other Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks can also be vulnerable to disruption of service or to the manipulation of operational data. Therefore, the risks of cyber threats for these networks remain high and their need for secure infrastructure is critical. ICS Cybersecurity is something you may not want to think about, but it is something that you should be prepared for. Do you know how to tell if you’ve been hacked? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? Are you aware of the vulnerabilities that exist on your network?

Our Services:

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) offers industrial control system cybersecurity and networking services for SCADA and other industrial control systems. This includes but is not limited to:

Network design and implementation.

Network monitoring and intrusion detection.

Network fault diagnosis and correction.

Network and cybersecurity audits.

Contact our certified cybersecurity specialists today to have your system assessed.

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