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An Immediate and Cost-Effective Solution to Reduce Dry Weather Sewer Overflows

If you work in the Wastewater industry, then you already know the industry’s dirty little secret. The sewer in our wastewater reticulation systems overflows - a lot. The worst part of it is that the public is usually the ‘alarm system’ to find and report the sewer leaks, and sometimes this occurs many days after the leak has begun.

It’s a big problem, but we have all been forced to accept it as the economically rational status quo. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) does allow us to provide a better early warning system by monitoring targeted, high-risk manholes. However, the cost of anything coming close to having a comprehensive network coverage is not yet practical.

Key Facts:

  • Utilities typically have 1000s of kilometres of sewer mains.

  • Wastewater teams have to manage 100s of overflows per year.

  • Tree roots are the ‘root cause’ of over 70% of these overflows.

But, what if there was a way to improve early detection of sewer overflows using the data and systems we already have?

A example of our clients’ data showing the early detection alarm.
A example of our clients’ data showing the early detection alarm.

Introducing SAFEgroup Automation’s (SGA) Sewer Guardian. We have taken a leaf out of the strategy used by big utility modelling and advanced analytic solutions but have implemented the model directly within your SCADA system. We utilise the real-time data you have available in your system to train a model for dry weather flow behaviour. See example on right to see how this can be implemented into your systems.

Sewer Guardian isn’t going to pick up all possible scenarios, but it is a step in the right direction and a significant improvement of the current alarming practices.

Graph showing an example of the trends that Sewer Guardian can show
Sewer Guardian example.

Key Benefits:

Deeper Behaviour Insight: Comparing station inflows against a modelled daily forecast allows for a deeper insight into station behaviour.

Cost-Efficient Solution:

Can be implemented at a low cost and saves overflows being detected days later.

Uses Existing SCADA Data: The solution is implemented directly within your SCADA system, utilising existing data sources.

Easily Expandable Solution: The solution can be easily expandable to meet clients current and future needs.

If you would like to find out more, please contact SGA to see how this solution can work for you.

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