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One Reason Why You Need to Update Your Windows 7 Operating System

With Microsoft announcing that they will stop supporting Windows 7 earlier this month, it should see the number of companies using this outdated software dwindle. However, it may come to a surprise that there are many organisations still using Windows 7, despite Windows 10 being released close to 5 years ago. This announcement means that machines still running Windows 7, will no longer receive software and security updates - creating a high cybersecurity risk, particularly for companies that use any IT business systems and industrial operating systems.

The most common reasons for not upgrading outdated systems include perceived investment loss, due to new licensing and training to help staff understand the new technologies. While there is no doubt that there are likely to be challenges when planning and upgrading an older system, they far outweigh the threat of malicious software hacking into the system, which could lead to an extended period of downtime.

Moving to a new system requires planning, testing and assessing the risks and impacts. Control system software also needs to be considered when upgrading systems, to ensure the compatibility between a company’s operational technology, such as SCADA systems, PLC’s and HMI’s.

If you are interested in more information or would like assistance upgrading your systems, we have a team of cybersecurity experts that can help safeguard your network and protect your data.

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