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Have you heard about the power of XL Direct?

Designed to save time and create exceptional reports, XL Direct is a must for SCADA engineers.

Screenshot of a graph and excel report
Example of an XL Direct report

SAFEgroup Automation’s (SGA) XLDirect is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to easily integrate their ClearSCADA data directly into spreadsheets and reports.

Similar to the pre-existing, inbuilt Excel formulas, the XLDirect formulas are embedded into the spreadsheet cells, which then allows users to combine their SCADA data with the powerful formatting capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

This tool enables users to perform some serious number-crunching and reporting with their ClearSCADA data.

Key Benefits:

document with  a key inside it icon

Immediate access:

No need to wait for future historian projects and IT obstacles to start making use of your data.

Refresh icon


Author your reports once and then simply refresh them to retrieve the latest data.

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Save time:

Don’t waste valuable time struggling to collect the SCADA data you need to analyse.

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Easily integrate data from multiple historians.

This add-in is a component of a wider results-driven package, that includes Historian and BI solutions offered by SGA. If you are interested in exploring our results-driven solutions, such as XLDirect, contact us to discover how our team can provide this for you and your business.

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